Six Things I am Learning in Quarantine

Bio: My name is Ore and I’m a 21 year old Nigerian-American residing in NYC. I enjoy writing occasionally and hope my work blesses and inspires you in some way.
We’ve been in quarantine for a month now and, one way or another, we are realizing and relearning a few (or a lot) of things about ourselves, those we live with, and the world around us. I made this list to take a step back and acknowledge a few things while also reflecting on some triumphs. I hope you do the same. 
Black people are more susceptible to covid-19 fatalities. Black people have the leading numbers in cases of high blood pressure and asthma ( Pre-existing health conditions make our community more susceptible to a virus that weakens the immune system. This along with prejudices built into the healthcare system decrease likelihoods of getting proper treatment and ultimately beating this virus. Let’s please take care of ourselves. 
2.Am I really making time to do the things I had wished I had time to do? I am sur…

Artist Spotlight: Adeos Yeboah

What is your name?
Adeos Yeboah
Tell us a bit about yourself/background
I am a Ghanaian American young adult with a passion for photography and a background in modeling which helps me direct and pose my models/clients when working.
When did you start doing this?
I started in 2015 when I purchased my first camera.
How was the reaction/feedback from those around you (family/friends)?
They love what I do. They see my passion and talent for it and believe I will go far with my career path.
What inspires your art?
Inspiration is all around me, from everyday household items to the most beautiful locations. I am inspired by everything. Black people, clothing, animals, small objects, bug objects, locations, cultures etc.
What is your favorite piece and why?
Every time I come up with a new concept and turn it into a reality, that becomes my new favorite piece. Because I strive to be better than I was yesterday.
Who would you like to work with /who inspires you/ which artist do you admire?
I'm ins…

7 Rules That Could Probably Help Your Relationship

Private:  There is a big difference between a secret relationship and a private one, though the lines separating them are quite thin, the difference is clear. A secret relationship transcends social networks and creeps into something we often forget, which is real life. Where a private relationship can be one where you people are quite public to your inner circle, but a mystery to those outside. A private relationship keeps public opinions away from the growth of both parties and gives both sides an opportunity to work things out.
Respect: Probably the biggest part of the relationship. A productive relationship cannot exist without respect for one another. It helps with every aspect of the relationship. Each side must respect what makes their counterpart unique from their emotions, to their thought processing, or even their need for space at times.
Individuality: At times, we tend to get lost in the shuffle, when it comes to a relationship. We find ourselves wanting to please the other,…

Artist Spotlight: DJ Femmy Rekson

What is your name?
DJ Femmy Rekson
Tell us a bit about yourself/background
I was born and raised in New York, specifically Harlem, Manhattan and moved to the Bronx by High School then went to college in Virginia. Got my undergrad degree in Mechanical Engineering and I’m currently finishing up my master’s degree. I loved playing Super Mario, Trading Pok√©mon cards, watching dragon ball-z and football with the guys in my neighborhood. I was part of the philharmonic orchestra at my middle/high school, I played the bass guitar, drums, and keyboard at my church as well as rap. This is important because I do not shy from what I’m passionate about. My Dad was a DJ back in the day and would take my cousins and I to adult parties where we covered videography and photography while he was handling the music. The switch kicked in when I took over and started Djing the younger events (proms, birthdays, cookouts). I also DJ at church events and family gatherings.
When did you start doing this (art/mus…

Man Up Dude, Get a Pedicure