Another Weapon Stronger than Bombs

The major issue that the world is facing in battling ISIS is we don’t  know what they are capable of.  This form of extremism in the name of religion isn’t brand  new, and we have been going about it all wrong.  Sure, the recent green-light on air-strikes that was given by President Obama was effective.  It is effective in the sense that it will surely slow down the expansion of ISIS into Syria -- but is that the end of it all?   Heck no.

A column by Nicholas Kristof that was published to the New York Times showed an interesting  perspective.  Kristof raised an hypothesis of what extremism would be like if more people were educated.  If we take a look at history, it is evident that oppression, violence, and barbaric acts tend to stem from illiteracy.  Kristof stated that “These extremists use arms to fight their battles in the short term, but, to hold ground in the long run, they also combat Western education and women’s empowerment.”  Extremists understand that there is nothing more vulnerable than a population that is uninformed.

It is ok for us to use air-strikes to add setbacks to the horrific plans that ISIS has planned, but we need to do more.  Whatever happened to that $2 billion global fund for education that Obama promised as a part of his presidential campaign in 2008.  We must put global education on a more serious pedestal because the future depends on it.  An educated world is a peaceful one.

Picture by:  The Iron and The Soul
- Ibrahim Adewole