It was obviously the most anticipated event of the year because of all the events that were happening in New York City last Friday night, Liberty Theatre was where everyone wanted to be. 41st street teemed with what seemed like the entire tri-state area all dressed in black. Although the lines were long and the bouncers seemed to be just as annoyed as everyone else. Inside (if you were lucky enough to get there) was like that epic club scene you've always wanted to be in. 

It is obvious that DJ Tunez had done it again. This time was on a whole different level. The only place that could contain a Tunez crowd at this point is a stadium, until then Get there early or don't get in. "Kanye Shrug." This was by far the most diverse crowd I have ever seen. I even bumped into  a few surprising faces including a drone...

As a fashionista, I just had to throw in a bit of fashion. Here are my favorite Black Out looks found on Instagram :)