Restaurant Review: Rocco’s Tacos

The other day, I checked the Mexican restaurant, Rocco’s Tacos. Rocco’s Taco is a franchised restaurant with locations all over the country.


Rocco’s Tacos

339 Adams Street, Brooklyn, New York. 
Rocco’s Tacos is located is downtown Brooklyn, minutes away from the Brooklyn bridge. It is basically in the shadows of the courthouse.


What made Rocco’s Tacos stick out to me was their “Tequila Bible”. The tequila bible has multiple pages of different types of tequila, which is good enough reason to visit Rocco’s Tacos. Fortunately enough I didn’t get to try all their tequila but I do plan on trying some when I’m not driving. I did try their Margarita, which was really good.


 I ordered “Pescado Del Mercado”, which is described as; “Grilled fresh fish with lemon, vegetables, black bean huarache and Tres Amigos Salsas”. The meal was well made. The fish was perfectly grilled, the serving wasn’t as big as a stingy person like myself would have appreciated but the fish was great regardless. The meal had a perfect balance between the well-seasoned vegetable and the grilled salmon. I’ll definitely recommend this dish to anyone looking to try Mexican food without making too big a jump into the culture.


It was a little weird that the restaurant ran out of cheese, a Mexican restaurant at that. 

Overall I liked the atmosphere of the restaurant, it has two floors, and is well spaced.  With the amount of TV screens in the place, I guess they want to create a sports bar feel, which I don’t think is needed. Rocco’s Tacos is definitely a great place to check out. I went with my co-workers and we all had a great time and enjoyed our meals.