Africans of New York (Morenikeji)

Why did you come to America?
I came to America to better my education and a chance at a good career; it is well-known fact that America has great educational facilities for health professional and the most important thing to make my parent and my family back home proud and to be more successful in life.

What were you doing in Africa before coming to America? 
Before I came to this country, I was in my sophomore year of high school (kings and queen college Ibadan, Nigeria). My fondest memory of the school was being on the dance team at my school. Dancing is my passion I do it everywhere I am.

Do you plan to stay in America, or will you move back home?
I will surely move back to Nigeria, as the Yoruba saying goes “Ile labo simi oko o” (Home is where you return to after your work at the farm).That is my home; I am here to work and accomplish my goals so I can enjoy my latter years.  

How do you like living here compared to living in Africa?
Living in New York is like living in heaven as people say. You are given so much opportunities and educational freedom to explore what you want to do. People also encourage you to try different things. For example, I was advised to go into modeling giving my good stature. I have been looking into it and will like to explore it more.      

What do you miss most about Africa?

I miss the food most especially SUYA. But I miss everything about Africa; interaction with other people was definitely easier. A favorite activity of mine also shared by many others was to scream UP NEPA when the light came back on. Mostly I miss my dance team.