Restaurant Review: BUKA

My brothers and I went to BUKA the other day, which is described as a “compact eatery with a candlelit dining room & lively bar specializing in aromatic Nigerian cuisine”.
Located on 946 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Next to a veterinary clinic and across from a bicycle store.

I’ve been hearing the name BUKA for the past 4 years from group pages on Facebook to mutual friends who have ventured there. I’ve seen pictures of lively get togethers and dinner parties. BUKA just seemed like the place to be and the place to get great Nigerian cuisine in New York City.
First we ordered appetizers: Igbin (stewed snails) and Suya (beef strips grilled in powdered spices). Let me just say, if you can not handle hardcore spices, then these might not be for you. While they were flavorful, they did pack a powerful punch. I then ordered the Grilled Tiger Shrimp, substituting regular White Rice with Fried Rice. Like the Suya, the Shrimp was seasoned with the suya spices, so they were indeed spicy, but well grilled and tasty. The rice itself had a nice balance of shrimp, and vegetables.

The first thing that threw me off was the facade. Due to recent renovations, the outside of the restaurant looks like a shanty, with discolored metal sheets. It puts you off but intrigues you at that same time. You enter into the spot, and when you when you walk straight down to the dining area, there is an authentic Nigerian  Danfo Bus in the rear, The aura gives you a vibe of a genuine Buka eatery that you would find in Nigeria, and I feel that’s what the owner is going for.

It’s a great place to relax and have great food, because everything is so relaxed. Even while waiting for food you can check out the interior of the Danfo, look at the beautiful traditional clothes mounted on the wall, or peruse the literature and artwork on the walls and shelves.