Restaurant Review: AFRICA KINE

My friend and I went to Africa Kine a week ago, which is said to be a “nice, small, and enjoyable environment.”
Located on 2267 7th Ave, New York, NY 10027
Next to the French Bistro and bar restaurant.
I wanted to give Africa Kine a try because I’ve been hearing a lot of my friends talk about this place. Now I’m from New Jersey, so we don’t have as many African restaurants by us so this restaurant intrigued me. I heard the food was amazing and it’s a good place to go if you’re looking for African food that’s not your typical jollof rice and plantains (even though they do have their own rendition of jollof as well).
As soon as you are seated they start you off with some water. When they come back to ask you for your order, the waiter then asked if we would like anything else to drink. I stuck with my water; however, they do have fountain drinks as well as traditional homemade drinks. We went into the restaurant around lunchtime so we were told that we can only order from the lunch menu. I ordered Lamb Mafe and my friend ordered the Fish Yassa. My dish included lamb which was marinated and served in a peanut butter soup with a side of white rice. The Fish Yassa included a fish filet served in an onion and pepper sauté with a side of white rice. The serving size was quite large for something that was on the lunch menu so we definitely had leftovers. The food tasted amazing and was well seasoned. Nothing we has was too spicy or over cooked.
As a restaurant it is important that your place of establishment is seen so that you have a high customer influx, but this isn’t the case for Africa Kine. This restaurant is so each to miss because it is located next to the restaurant that has a big yellow sign and the door is so small. Another thing that I found a little odd was their menu. Most restaurants I go to don’t have a specific day in which they serve something, but this one day. On one day they may be serving a particular meal and on other days that meal may not be an option. Those were probably the only things that I found to be odd about Africa Kine.
Overall I thought the restaurant was a very good establishment. The restaurant is family owned so the service was very good. The waiters were friendly and constantly checking to see if everything was ok. However, I did go late in the afternoon, so it was still lunch time but by the time we were finishing up it was time for dinner. When we went to the restaurant, it was relatively empty, but around dinner time it picked up. Not saying that the quality of the customer service went down due to the fact that there were a lot more people after a while, but it does take a little bit more time to get a waiter’s attention. I would definitely want to return to this restaurant just so I can get the opportunity to try more things on the menu. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is willing to try some good Senegalese cuisine.