What brought you to America?
I came to America against my will, I was too young at the time, and no one cared to ask whether I wanted to come to America.

What were you doing before coming to America?
I was going to school at the time; I was young at the time so I was not doing much.

Do you plan to stay in America, or will you move back home?
I do not plan on staying in America; if my life goes as planned, I would like to go back to Africa after I accomplish my aspirations in life.

How do you like living here compared to living in Africa?
I like living in Africa way better  because in Africa I have more freedom , I'm more connected to my people, in America I feel though as if I'm assimilating and departing away from my rich culture

What do you miss most about Africa?
What I miss most about Africa is the weather, the fruits and festivals