Africans of New York (Modou)

Why did you come to America?
I came to America because an unexpected opportunity presented itself. It gave me the chance to get a job, as well as furthering my education.

What were you doing in Africa before coming to America?
Prior to me coming here, I was in my final year to get my bachelor of science in geosciences back 2012

Do you plan to stay in America, or will you move back home?
Well my goals are to finish my education, work for a little bit to gain experience, and then go back to Africa. I even plan to start a nonprofit organization that will help developing countries restore their ecosystem

How do you like living here compared to living in Africa?
I actually love America because it has many opportunities and it has helped me in the social and professional aspect.

What do you miss most about Africa?
I really miss the Senegalese way of life, less stressful and more social.