Africans of New York (Ugo)

Being born in New York, when did you go back home?
My parents wanted the best environment for me to grow up in, up until that point; my idea of Africa was through the western portrayal i.e. movies like Tarzan. So at the age of five I took a summer vacation to Nigeria and came back eleven years later.

How was your first experience in Nigeria?
It was definitely a culture shock. I had to learn new languages (Igbo and Pidgin) to communicate perfectly with others. Once that was out of the way, I absolutely loved it.

Do you plan to stay in America, or will you move back home?
I will go back as soon as I am accomplished academically here in the states. I aspire to be one of the leading researchers in cognitive science in Africa. Also I would like to focus on training my fellow Africans in cognitive research.

What do you miss most about Africa?
I will prefer to live in Lagos if it had the same higher education standard as we have in New York. I have more freedom back home; I can wake up, go out, and not worry about gunned down by stray bullet or police brutality. But most of all I miss mama puta and iya basiara rice.