Africans Of New York (Nandi)

How is it being Rwandese American?

It’s a beautiful feeling because you get the best of both worlds. Being born in America but raised with Rwandese culture, showed me things in a very different perspective.

How was your first time visiting Rwanda?

It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Being able to see my family
especially my Dad after a very long time made the visit worth it.

Given the choice to either continue living in America or go back to living in Africa, which would you choose?

That’s a tricky question, but I think I would choose to alternate between both because there is nothing like going back home, to help build more opportunity and betterment of the motherland. Being that Africa is a growing place and I would like to go there to help enhance businesses there just like my family members have done for years. In doing this it will help me gain more knowledge about my culture to be able to pass it down to my children.

Would you agree that Africa lacks opportunities?

I don’t agree that Africa lacks opportunities because it is a very big place that is expanding. So therefore it is a place that many individuals can gain opportunities.  

Upon your last visit to Rwanda, what can you say is something that you miss the most and was very memorable to you?

I can definitely say I miss my family the most. I also miss the fun times and just enjoying the moment. The most memorable thing for me was actually seeing the culture for what it was. After years and years of being guarded with the African Culture it was nice to see where it originated.