How was your journey from Ghana to America and Why did you come to America?
My journey to America from Ghana is a blur to me because I moved to America at a young age, so I didn't have a say in what was happening in my life at that age.

If you had the power to decide, would you choose to come to America or stay in Africa? 
With the knowledge I have right now, I would have chosen to come to America regardless. The reason being that the continent of Africa, as a whole, is a great place with scarce opportunity and chances for its people to excel to their full potential. My choice to still move to America is not only
to benefit me, but to help me open opportunities and chances for people who weren't as fortunate as I am. This would be beneficial to future generation.

What's makes Africa scarce of opportunity and chances? 
There are a lot of factors that causes Africa to be scarce but the obvious and noticeable ones to me are; selfishness, greed, corruption, and poor leadership. There are some people who only care about what they can benefit forgetting how it can negatively affect others. So imagine, the majority of African leaders doing that, it will definitely drain the greatness that Africa has to offer which pushes people to migrant to other continents for better opportunities and chances.

How do you like living here compared to living in Africa? 
There's a lot of tension everywhere in America and the people are overly sensitive to minor things. They are quick to be on the offensive side which even prevent neighbors from even knowing each other. Where as in Ghana, it's more of a family and togetherness feel. In a Ghanaian community, everyone is friendly, helpful and is willing to watch everyone's back in time of need. So I do think there is a significant difference in living between the two countries.

What do you miss most about Africa?

What is there not to miss about Africa? I miss the smell in the atmosphere, the food, the nightlife but I definitely miss the freedom you feel when you're in Ghana. That's definitely the best unexplainable feeling anyone can ask for.