Africans Of New York (Christain)

Why did you come to America?
I came to America for educational purposes, and my dad is living here so it was an opportunity to see my dad and live with him.

What were you doing in Africa before coming to America?
I was a college student, musician, and athlete. Beside that, I was doing anything a normal young African teen does: Party and has whole tons of fun with friends.

Do you plan to stay in America, or will you move back home?
I am planning on making money here before going back so that I have something to help me to keep things moving up when I go back there.

How do you like living here compared to living in Africa?
Living here is more expensive, annoying, stressful, and less fun than in Africa; however opportunities in the states is not something comparable to the one in Africa.

What do you miss most about Africa?
I miss the good African food and the good afternoons and evenings when everybody in the neighborhood gathers and talk, laugh, discuss, and argue.