Africans Of New York ( Debbi)

Why did you come to America?
I came to America to further my education and to pursuit the American Dream.

What do you believe is the American Dream?
I believe it is when you work hard, aim higher and have faith in God you will make it in America. What I mean by that is you will be a great person, have a great career and accomplish great things.

Couldn't you accomplish that dream in Democratic Republic of the Congo?
Yes I could but once I get a degree here in the states, I can go anywhere with it; but a degree from a Congolese university cannot get me as far in the western world as the one I am working toward here. In addition, we all know how Africa favors a few groups of people. It is very bad; example in Congo would be that it is one of the richest nation in Africa but yet poor in many ways. Therefore, I would rather get their degrees so it can open the doors for me elsewhere.

When you acquire your degree, do you plan to go back, or you will continue to chase the dream?
Why would I stay here? America does not need us. They are well developed and advanced in technologies, medicine and so much more. Africa needs the people that are getting good education and experiences overseas. Africa will not help itself; we are the generation that will help Africa grow. We will be able to use everything we have learned to teach others back home. SO HELL YEAH I WILL BE GOING BACK!!