Africans Of New York (Joy)

Do you regret coming to America? 
No, although I never really knew we were heading to America, at the time I was only a child and was living comfortably in Nigeria. However, looking back now, I have no regrets coming to America. 

Have you ever been back?
Sadly no, but planning to travel back very soon. 

Do you ever wonder what your life in Nigeria would be like if your family never relocated? 
I would probably be happier, life in America is complex. You simply cannot live the way you want. In addition, everything here is processed I would be a lot healthier if I were still living in Nigeria.

Do you plan on living in America for the rest of your life?
I definitely want to travel outside the U.S. and explore other parts of the world but I do not see myself leaving permanently to live anywhere else.

If you can give an advice a young African about to come to the states, what would you tell them? 
Never lose yourself in the American culture/way of life by trying to fit in.