Fashion vs. Comfort I

When it comes to high heel shoes,  I always have to make the choice between being comfortable or being beautiful. Most of the time, my decision leans towards looking cute and fashionable. Last week, my boyfriend and I went out for dinner. Like every woman, I like men’s attention, and I think that high-heeled shoes are a sure way to get it. When I put the heels on,  I received multiple compliments from my boyfriend. However, I must admit that they were pretty challenging to walk down the stairs in. What was even more challenging was trying to keep up with my boyfriend's fast-paced walk, him being from New York. After dinner was over, we decided that we would head to the club to meet our friends. At that very moment, I thought to myself “I wish I were in flats..." Needless to say, I didn't have any flats with me. Even if I did, they wouldn't fit into my tiny purse anyway.  So we eventually got to the club, with my hard-to-walk-in heels and had a great time.  We met with our friends, had couple cocktails and, of course, danced.  The next morning, my feet were killing me. I was too embarrassed to tell my boyfriend, but I could barely walk.  However, I felt great about myself in my heels the night before so I feel like it was totally worth it! I currently work as a patient liaison at a hospital and the dress code is business casual.  Therefore, I have the choice of wearing flats or heels.  Regardless of how painful they can get I always choose to wear heels for the following reasons. First, my suits always look so much better with a pair of heels. Second, wearing heels gives me a height advantage, especially since I am 5ft 2. Lastly, I look at wearing heels as my daily workout! So if you ask me if I would choose fashion over comfort, the answer will always be fashion!
By Tatyana Pyankova, for HAPPY FEET. (Medical-Health Blog)