Artist Spotlight: Young Prince

What is your name?
My name is Olusegun Williams but my stage name is Young Prince.

Tell us a bit about yourself/background

I am from the greatest borough ever The Almighty Bronx! Nigerian of course I am half Yoruba angel and Half Edo. I graduated from Lehman College with a degree in Media Communication Studies. I love basketball, music and making people laugh.
When did you start doing this (art/music/production/design etc.)?

I've been making people laugh since 6th Grade when I was being made fun of for being African. I started taking comedy seriously 2 years ago when I got the Chance to Host at LIU Brooklyn for their annual African Student Association fashion show. From then on it has been my passion.

How was the reaction/feedback from those around you (family/friends)?

My family and Friends are my biggest supporters especially my mom. Usually African Parents want us to be doctors or lawyers but she supports my craft more than anyone. My friends have been pushing for me to take this serious for years so I finally listened and they have my back 100 percent.

What inspires your art?

Honestly, I love seeing people happy. Knowing that I can make them laugh brings me joy. You never know what battles people are fighting and a video or a live performance can make them forget about all there and troubles temporarily without the use of drugs or alcohol.

What is your favorite piece and why?

My favorite comedic piece would have to be from Eddie Murphy’s stand up special called Delirious. This was one of the greatest performances of all time. The content was amazing and his delivery was absolutely genius. Watching this inspired me to pursue this dream.

Who would you like to work with /who inspires you/ which artist do you admire?

I am inspired by my African Princes of Comedy Family. We are a group of comedians that come together and bring our online personas to the stage. They motivate me to become a better entertainer. I used to watch them all the time on Social media and now I am working with them. Would definitely love to work with Nick Cannon though he’s an inspiration and gives a chance to those who are up and coming with talent.

Future Plans?

I plan on using my influence as an entertainer to better the world. I am passionate about the youth and the less fortunate. I want to be able to use my platform to spread positivity. I’ve always wanted to act as well would love to be in movies.
What advice do you have for anybody out there who wants to be an artist like you?
Be passionate about your craft. If you do not love what you do it will not work. The grind is a gradual and beautiful process learn to appreciate it. Be patient as well nothing good comes easy. Do not get into this trying to compete be the best you can be.  Most importantly Keep God first. With Him as your foundation you can achieve anything.

Young Prince
Facebook: Olusegun Williams
Instagram: @youngprince_