Artist Spotlight: Laycon Salam

What is your name?

I am Salami Olalekan Mustapha.

Tell us a bit about yourself/background

I am the second of five children from my parents. I graduated from Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin in 2014 and also served at Offa, Kwara state. I studied Accounting, but my passion for graphics and art was stronger than the degree. I still couldn't believe I built up so much confidence in myself to resign my banking job to pursue a career in graphics, art and animations.

What triggered your interest in digital art?

Art has always been part of me. I could remember my days in the secondary school where I'll save my pocket money just to buy Supa Strikas and other DC comic books just to sketch out stuff. My interest heightened when I graduated from computer school in 2006. I had just completed my Junior Waec then. I started creating little objects on CorelDraw. I never had any idea how it was done digitally though. But, because I knew how to sketch and was also familiar with few tools on CorelDraw, I was able to make simple vector artworks. It was a great privilege for me, learning how to use a computer actually triggered my interest in digital art.

How was the reaction/feedback from those around you (family/friends)?

Reactions from family and friends towards my interest in digital art weren’t really encouraging at first because stuff I could make was not really appealing. I still keep those projects in my archive and occasionally laugh at how horrible those works were. But, as I was dedicating more time in learning and also following up with other professionals, my interest grew stronger and my arts improved gradually. I'm not the same artist who I used to be 5years ago and by Allah's will, I'll continue to improve in digital Art, graphics and animations too.

What inspires your art?

My inspiration comes from Allah first, and then advanced professionals in the business.

Future Plans?

I've got a lot of plans. Right now, I'm currently the creative director of CG Studios and I'm the only Employee in my office for now. I have plans to build a team of creative artists. With them, we can together contribute more to the development of digital art, comics, animations and other creative ventures in Nigeria.

Salami Olalekan Mustapha
Facebook: Laycon Salam