You've got to give it up for our people though, we exploit just about anything - particularly a cause - in an attempt to nurse our insatiable desires.
When the feminism movement in Nigeria made its way to the media few years ago, not many believed it held water until more celebrities, young people - boys and girls alike - began to make deafening noise to the discomfort of the children of patriarchy. Aunty CNA dropped (keeps dropping) enough nuclear bombs to decimate a good number of patriarchal quarters and more people began (and are beginning) to reason in the same way. Now, we're at a point where the agents of patriarchy either pursue their biased causes in private while claiming something else in public, or simply settle for offering half-hearted support for feminism. The society is starting to discuss the topic on a broad scale too and people are starting to see the movement for what it is. Ordinarily, feminism ought not to be a movement but a norm entrenched in the most conspicuous places in our constitution but the evil that is patriarchy is what birthed this trend, especially in a country like ours where most politicians believe women should only be allowed to dominate in their role as wives and mothers - and not the goal getters they were born to be.
However, there's an urgent need to address a particular offshoot of feminism. Actually, two offshoots, depending on how you choose to look at it.
ANGRY FEMINISTS - A friend of mine once opined during an argument that "no matter how peaceful a belief is projected to be, there's bound to be an extremist version of it." I do believe she was 100% correct because if you look around you, the verifiability of this claim can hardly be discredited. Some feminists literally snatch at any opportunity to disclose their ruthless and unguided anger. You say something like "our women are pillars of the society" and in response, they say, "that's because all you ever see in them is sex and food." Hah! What's the correlation? Why not just accept the statement for what it is - that women are indeed pillars, and arguably stronger pillars than men in most cases.
Angry feminists are always on the attack and often send the wrong impression by so doing. It's perhaps why many are yet to catch the bug and consequently become passionate advocates and evangelists of feminism. There's a whole lot that many feminists, angry feminists, are still doing wrong. I understand the urgent need for aggressive advocacy in a society like ours but positive aggression will go a longer way than the opposite form. Negativity, when juxtaposed with feminism advocacy, breeds more resentment and discountenance for the cause. If left unchecked, the negativity also bears a strong potential to transform the unguided feminists into extremists.
At this crucial point, calmness and positive aggression is urgent because there's a multitude who still don't understand what feminism is all about. I do understand how temporary setbacks could anger people, but it shouldn't be diluted with the positivity that is feminism. It trivializes the movement and discourages potential advocates who are on the verge of upholding their wrong notion of feminism.
Well, don't be surprised to hear people say that all they think of feminists are women who have sworn never to cook for husbands, women who have decided to limit the amount of sex they will have with their partners, women who are hell-bent on controlling their husbands etc. Such crude notions are what many still believe the cause to be. In fact, there are those who don't believe men could also be feminists. To them, a male feminist is either gay or a prospective faggot. So, you see why this anger needs to be checkmated?
OPPORTUNISTIC FEMINISTS - There are those who take advantage of feminism to push their selfish or prurient causes. Some now claim to be running NGOs that "help young girls become better citizens" when in fact; they're only out to extort innocent and well-meaning donors and volunteers. Some of them have been exposed and I hope that many more will follow soon. But the most insulting crop of opportunistic feminists are the men. The truth in this is blinding and deafening. Now, we have men who go about exploiting feminism advocacy avenues in order to sleep with women - especially feminists. That undiscerning female feminists mingle with mischievous male feminists and fall for their schemes is proof that female feminists aren't anti-sex. In fact, you might be in for a time of your life if your girlfriend were a feminist because most often than not, they're highly and healthily competitive - in educational, social and of course, emotional sectors.
However, what drives these thirsty men remains a mystery to me. They falsely identify with unsuspecting female feminists, disparage other men for anything and everything that they think their victims, women, would either find attractive or appealing. Some of you even go as far as professing your love of feminism on social media in order to gain attention. Tell you what, you're freaking mad! I hope you're exposed sooner than later. I hope you catch AIDS.
Your opinion might be different from mine, and it's precisely why more discussions need to be had.
But in all of this, we all should be feminists. Literally.

By: Damzy