Artist Spotlight: Lexus Lewis

I am 23-year old student at Georgia Southern University (GSU). I study Apparel Design and Studio Art, and minor in Art History. I am from Augusta, Ga.

What triggered your interest in art?
As a child, I always knew that I was creative. I’ve always enjoyed making things. I remember always being excited to do school projects because it gave me the opportunity to be creative. Even till this day, I always put my all when producing work for my studio classes at GSU. Then growing up watching my mother get dressed and watching ANTM triggered my interest in fashion.

Family and Friends Support
My family and friends are very supportive of me being an artist and are my biggest supporters. My parents are very proud of me and my accomplishments as an artist. In fact, my friends are all artists. We collaborate on many projects all the time for photo-shoots, my collection and artwork, and constantly encourage one another to our full creative potential.

What inspires my art?
Honestly, everything inspires me - music, food, cultures, architecture, nature, literally everything. From artists that I studied in lectures, to people I follow on Instagram. Even everyday things inspire me, because I see art in everything. Some can look at a blank wall or an empty room, or even something as simple as a cup, they see it as it is, but I see opportunity, I see art.

What are the most challenging projects you’ve executed so far?
The most challenging projects I’ve executed so far was my first collection called “The Creative Process”. It is a 7-piece collection inspired by my original artwork. I basically bring my artwork to life whether painting or sculpture and make it into a garment using unconventional materials like Styrofoam, pipe cleaners, balloons, etc. The collection even has music and visuals done by a good friend of my Nile Rondon (@nilodile) who also happens to be a stylist, producer, and just an overall creative.

Another challenging project that I’ve encountered was making my first jewelry collection, which is also inspired by a technique used in my paintings called the pour method.

Future plans?
Being that I am a designer and an artist, most will expect me to say "I want to be a famous designer or a well-known painter", which is true, but that is only a small percentage of what I want to accomplish. I am not only a season designer, meaning that I do not only design for Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer. I plan to design for Broadway shows, movies, and maybe sports teams. I also want to do a lot of creative directing from fashion shows, to movies, and many events .
Instagram: @L.VMarie.L
Facebook: VMarieMadeIt