Uptown Brunch

Uptown Brunch began in Summer 2016 curated by young professionals of African descent in New York. It is dedicated to brunch and day party enthusiasts. The brunch series occur every other Saturday in the mecca of Harlem- that is 125th street! The day parties are always after the brunch hours where there is a live DJ set run by DJ Teddma. He is originally from Gabon, Africa and his playlists will make you travel around the world with no visa requirements. It varies from kwaito music from South Africa, to current Nigerian Afrobeat hits, classic and recent soukous and makossa dance records; as well hip hop, reggae and Afro-French and Afro-Portuguese hits!
Also, the brunch hours are open as creative space for artists, presentations and more! So join us for delicious boozy brunch and enjoy live entertainment and world tunes from renowned DJ’s in select venues in Uptown Manhattan. 

Make sure to follow us on social media! Slide in our DMs. Feel free to email us too: uptownbrunch@gmail.com

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