Low Key Relationshop- Does it Work?

There's isn't much to say about how we have embraced the notion of keeping relationships a secret besides the fact that its the lamest (for lack of a better word) excuse for "Humans" to fool around. Someone once told me (name withheld for safety reasons), that "only those who practice 'low key relationships' are fucking someone THEY know they shouldn't be fucking." (Not my words) There's is no Pro about this, just one massive con. You give your partners the green light to do as they please, secretly. 
I'll explain... Think of your partner as a car dealer and you're being sold your dream car, fairly used (Of course, its hard to find someone who hasn't been test driven these days, that doesn't mean you shouldn't love em) but you refused to check the CAR-FAX to see the faults and damages the car will present to you. The sales man (your potential partner) could be selling the same car to the whoever, whenever, however he/she deems fit . There goes your down payment (time, affection, emotions, money) and all that you have invested. The heartache begins and we start to hear the whining and crying about how much love sucks and how you can never find someone who truly loves you. 

There's no issue in making your relationship known to the world. What could possible go wrong with that? People get nosy? People want the details of your relationship? That's a weak excuse for weak minded people. As far as I'm concerned whatever happens in your relationship should be between you and your partner. UNLESS, you open the doors of your relationship and welcome CNN and NBC (Friends and their uninvited friends).  Check the fine prints of your contracts before you realize your precious Boo Boo is the official Mascot of the football Team (If you get my drift) or your precious was once a precious to your Brother, Sister, and Best Friend. 

The lack of Self Value, and the eager search for love in the wrong places will have you Listening and singing along to Toni Braxton's Unbreak my heart 7000 times. (we all love that song)  You have a better chance at being "Fuck Buddies" and knowing you're not 100% attached with your Booty-Call (That depends on how good the sex is. You might get attached). Know your worth, pride yourself, focus on other areas of your life and Let Love find you. 

Unofficial Writer 


  1. Preach! But low key relationships only work at first but for the duration of the relationship plenty issues are likely to occur! I agree with know your worth and pride...do not let someone else try and disrespect!

  2. I'm going to give my two cents...I feel it partially necessary to keep your relationship private due to the existence of these "triflin hoes" however. It should still be known like why do you have over 500 instagram pictures of you and everything else but me? Why is it that your exs are not sweating when I enter the room? Its because they don't realize that I am theirnew madam and that means you're not doing your job. Smh. These females out here are not piecing shit together. I really be having to look at them like deadass yall are slow. And when he give your ass something after he went test driving then you'll know...ok...I'm done..

  3. Keeping ur relationship private is totally different from keeping it a secret. Keeping it a secret is a big NO-NO. Pple should know you're together, but they shouldn't know your business! #MyOpinion #Kbye

  4. Low Key on gives those "Triflin Hoes" advantage to test drive your dream car (as explained in the essay above). All relationships should begin private. No one should know the details, but they should know who you're with. Its called Marking your Territory. All living mammals do that. They mark their territory, they boldly claim what's theirs with head held high. So why can't human do that. we are supposedly more intelligent. Claim your prize with Joy.


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