We have a problem of generalizing nuances in this country for reasons best known to many of us. I mean someone literally wakes up on a random day, experiences/witnesses something they find either befuddling or motivational and quickly makes an exponential inference out of it.

For example, how does your experience with a Yórùbà lover make you believe that every other Yórùbà person is like that? Have you sampled all cases or just made your deductions from what you read on social media or what happened to someone around you? Did you factor the entire population of Yoruba before jumping into that warped conclusion?

You came across Northerners with dirty habits and the next thing is to assume every single Northerner is dirty? I mean, I assume you've been to each of the 19 states in Nigeria and made a ratio of clean to dirty people? No? So, why make ugly generalizations in order to drive home an untenable point?

Great, you coughed huge sums of cash in the name of bride price for your Igbo bride and summarily believe all Igbo families feed off of bride price? The same people who had been living comfortably before you even met their daughter? Sorry for your experience but look around you, ask questions to see how many Igbos still indulge in that crude method of making inhumane demands of their children's suitors.

You see a woman with big buttocks and on asking to know where she hails from, you begin to spread the news of how that tribe are dominant carriers of steatopygia. Just because you saw one person?

Some people try to make a case for a victim of an obviously controversial issue and you go "hey! Maybe you're all just like that person" You discard logical reasoning completely in a bid to enforce your baseless submissions on people who've decided to think with their brain and not their emotions?

There's obviously a big problem and I fear it could become an epidemic if left unchecked.

Ours is a socio-politically volatile country and the faster we start checkmating unwholesome generalizations, the easier it will be to quell rash tensions. People take to the media, especially social media, to learn more about trends and issues. The worst you could do to a fertile mind is to gift it with erroneous info and this is what false generalizations aid - they pollute fertile minds in search of knowledge.

Learn to use English the proper way.

There's a staggering difference between "some", "an average...” "all", "most", "perhaps", "probably", "relative", "arguably", "in my opinion" etc.

It's an endless list.

A research/survey carried out using credible parameters is arguably the only source of admissible generalizations. Though they may not reflect the real situation, they provide a solid ground for intellectual arguments.

Don't be a clown. Don't post crap as fact. The joke is on you.

English language is key.