Artist Spotlight: Star Boy

What is your name?

My name is Alex Weah but my stage name is Star Boy

Tell us a bit about yourself/background

I was born in Liberia to a Kru father and Kru mother. I am the only child for my mother. I attended school in Atlanta Georgia from elementary school to high school.

When did you start doing this (art/music/production/design etc.)?

I started doing music at the age of 10. My grandmother took me to church at a very young age, I was not just in church; I was Active in church playing drums, being in the choir and the drama class as well. In high school my cousin and I created a group called "SKOOL BOYZ". It was a group of family and friends. I wanted to do my own style of music after I relocated back to Africa in 2009. Then I chose to do Afrobeat. I felt that doing Afrobeat allowed me to be true to myself and exploit my talent as a DIFFERENT artist. I started producing and my first song was "African Lady".

How was the reaction/feedback from those around you (family/friends)?

I had mixed feelings from people with their feedback. People would tell me I'm doing a great job but I shouldn't do Afrobeat because I'm Half Liberian/Ghanaian/Nigerian I feel like the people I expected most to support me did not. I would ask them to repost a song or video and they never do, but they are quick to say that we need to support each other. People pick and choose whom they want to support. I feel in our community they would rather support someone who is already established

What inspires your art?

What inspires my music is my life and what I have been through.

What is your favorite piece and why?

My favorite song that I've made is "WE 1 PIECE". The song was created to help promote the Black lives matter and Africans coming together as one. The song ended up being my most popular song and that song had opened so much other opportunities for me.

Who would you like to work with /who inspires you/ which artist do you admire?

I would love to work with Chris Brown, AKA, Tiwa Savage, Drake, Wande Coal, 2Face, R. Kelly and many more.

Future Plans?

In the near future, I plan on putting out an EP this summer going on tours and working on something special just for my loyal fans.

What advice do you have for anybody out there who wants to be an artist like you?

The advice I would give someone trying to be an artist like myself is to follow your dreams and Put GOD first; keep the right people around you and hard work is the key.

Instagram: @iamstarboynation
Twitter: @starboynation_