Sometimes I wonder why people attach importance to the most unnecessary things.

Could it be due to low self-esteem or perhaps, varying levels of interpersonal insecurities?

I mean, ask yourself, what's the worst that could happen when someone delists or blocks you from viewing their social media profiles - like Facebook and Twitter for example?

By blocking you, would they be denying you access into paradise, marital bliss, exemplary parenthood, job promotion, academic success and all the good things of life?

Why then do you go about seeking ways to ingratiate yourself with the so-called Facebook/Twitter celebrities knowing full well you owe it to yourself to attain satisfaction?

What do you seek from your social media activities exactly? External validation or inner peace?

It baffles me to see people cower to pressure enforced by irrelevant people who threaten to block or unfriend them. You disagreed with a cowardly post by citing brilliant points and just when the author reveals their plan to "block" you for opposing them, you literally succumb and apologize.

Just like that? You apologized for being enlightened? For putting a charlatan in their place and preventing them from spreading lies to their followers?

Honestly, it's quite disheartening. It itches to see people bow to inanities dished out by folks whose social media activities have given them a false sense of importance. Mhen! How do these things even happen in 2017? Oh well.

But please, I'll urge you guys to disagree with as many of my comments/posts as possible, provided you back them up with salient facts/points of view. It's why I'm here, to learn and unlearn. And if you feel pressured to remain quiet for fear of textual attack from anybody, rest assured my DM is open for sound engagements.

For me, it's always been about the positive vibes. Woe betides that Facebook/Twitter celebrity that threatens to delist or block me for disagreeing with them. I'll first give you a proper dress down before I send you back to the irrelevant throne you came from to rule over your headless subjects.

Honestly, this is merely an observation, not a sub. But if the cap somehow fits, just wear it with humility.

That said shall we talk about how the price of Easy On (spray starch) and Always Ultra (hungry man size) have skyrocketed in less than one year? 🌚🌚 Abi what else are you people angry about in this yeye country of ours?

I know the stubborn ones will say there's no such thing as Always Ultra (Hungry Man Size) but that's you people's business. I know people who use it, so don't come and ask me nonsense question this early morning please. 😑😑😑