Artist Spotlight: Crosshaired Photographer

1. What is your name?

Obe Tolulope brand name Crosshaired Photographer

2. Tell us a bit about yourself/background

I am Nigerian, born and bred, I never spoke a word of English Language until I was 4 years old but somehow got an accent along the line. I am a Physiotherapist and Photographer, so I guess you can call me a Photo Therapist. I studied at the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos. I’m a fitness enthusiast but fried dodo and efo riro + Chicken republic and Urban Fusion Burger is my weakness *sobs*

3. What incited your interest in photography generally?

So I forgot to mention above, I’m a tech Enthusiast. I like cars too but “Akant” balance no gree- so my interest in tech and its intricacies helped me find photography. I felt like Mobile phones and computers got boring - they only got smaller and faster- then I found cameras. It was amazing to find out how many different types of cameras there were, their diversity and how different lenses and cameras would give you a whole different look/effect. My interest started from there, became fun and eventually work.

4. How was the reaction/feedback from those around you (family/friends)?

My parents weren’t exactly the “read your book alone and nothing else” type, so when I made my interests in photography known, they supported me fully. My dad was proud actually because he felt like healthcare professionals only end up diligent salary earners and sad pensioners. My friends gave me full support. I mean, who doesn’t want a photographer as friend?

5. What inspires your art and how do you joggle it with your primary profession?

So I am a wedding and portrait photographer - the human form, its perfections and imperfections, the expressions and reactions from people when they see photos of themselves through the photographer’s eye, that’s where the inspiration comes from.
As per joggle with primary profession, mehn I made both one and the same - remember Photo Therapist? My Undergraduate thesis was more photography based than actual Physical therapy.

6. What are the most challenging     g projects you've executed so far?

I am still kind of playing in the little leagues, so there isn’t anything challenging yet- but Bridezillas *whew* every Saturday gets more challenging than the previous.

7. Future Plans?

mehn, oro poo, ninu iwe kobo - immediate future - a Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy- everybody likes a title, running a full fledged photography business - the art and Sales - multiple streams of income is key.