In my short practice as a physical therapist, I've encountered a lot of life-changing moments which on one hand make me appreciate life in its entirety, and the other, see the overwhelming nothingness of it. Putting it simply, you're seeing both sides of a coin without having to toss it. You come across all forms of debilitating conditions plaguing individuals from all walks of life and economic classifications. 

If it's not a young child battling a ravaging tumor and profusely crying from the ensuing pain, it's an elderly wondering why they'd been hail and hearty all their lives only to be mowed down by a disease they'd never heard of in what appears to be their concluding days on earth. Sometimes, it's an opulent member of the society pleading for that last chance at life, and even going as far as bargaining with the Almighty Creator to assuage them of their lingering anguish either in death or any way He deems suitable. 

There have been lucky ones, and in fact, there always will be. In fact, treating individuals my age, and in my age bracket with enfeebling afflictions, has been the most daunting, as I most times imagine myself on the receiving end and the need to be steadfast in my treatment delivery, lest something related or perhaps worse, plagued me as well. I bet I'm not the only one who feels this way. The field of medicine has a way of screwing up your thoughts, and that is one of the side-effects. Nobody is tagged as being more important than the other, every patient is a potential victim of death and deserve the best form of treatment available.

However, amidst of all this, there's a common and often overlooked mystery. Almost all of these disease conditions could have been actively prevented (passive involves a situation ascribed to external forces, like being hit by a stray bullet or vehicle, accidental burns, and cases involving children - they are the most helpless and unaware). Many of us are award-winning procrastinators, we only remember the importance of seeking medical advice whenever a loved one or relation falls victim. Then, we remember "Life is short" among other deathly proverbs.

Do not allow greed deprive you of a healthy life. Visit a medical doctor and have a thorough medical checkup conducted on you. It could even involve radiological examinations such as CT Scans, MRI or X-Ray. You save millions to buy expensive things, you can as well reserve a few thousands or hundreds of thousands to get yourself on the right path. 

There's no such thing as "I come from a healthy family". Buddie, you could be the harbinger of familial ailments. Don't expect magic from your nurses, physiotherapists, medical doctors, pharmacists or dentists, when push comes to shove. You're only healthy when you know your medical status. When the disease comes, you start dying. The lucky ones among us are not heroes, we were just lucky enough to escape with reminders.

So Get Up! Get Going. Death is nigh.

PS: Don't come here and start invoking the name of Jesus Christ to avert death, Jesus Christ also wants you to do the needful by seeking medical advice. Not every time should death be termed "the will of God".

DO THE NEEDFUL TOO. A stitch in time...