Some of you are just funny and have nobody to tell you.

I can't for the life of me understand people that suddenly develop mysterious insecurities when asked to state their salaries. I mean, in a normal environment, people readily reveal what they earn for one beneficial reason or another but in my own country Nigeria, a black man literally turns grey the minute he's asked to declare his salary status. You might be forced to think they're being asked to donate their testicles for offering or uteruses for appetizer.

Let's even put things into perspective, what comes to your mind when people inquire about your salary status?

Do you sometimes feel they're trying to size you up?

Do you sometimes feel that such question heralds the solicitation of your financial assistance?

Do you sometimes feel they're trying to mock you?

Or does it even bother you that you don't seem to realize why you readily become too hesitant to provide clear answers to that question?

Whatever it may be, I think you need to put your mind at rest because life is not as hard as you're making it out to be. And I'll tell you why:

People may ask to know what you earn if your workplace were the center of a pressing debate. For example, there have been cases where mischievous social media commentators churned out false figures to denote the nature of an organization's culture. They quote these wrong figures in a bid to trigger unwholesome apathy towards that organization. However, by rendering yourself useful and providing verifiable answers, you would have quelled needless tension and put these scoundrels in their place.

People may ask to know what you earn to enable them make informed decision. For example, someone who's been presented with an offer from all Big Four companies would be doing themselves a lot of good by inquiring about the salary scales of these respective companies. Unless you choose to be a jackass, your piece of info would help them tow the right path. Same goes for individuals seeking employment in various sectors - retail, health, banking, oil and gas etc.

People may ask to know what you earn in order to arm themselves with genuine information. For example, there are people who during open discussions, utter more than they actually know. They call them charlatans. These ones claim to know everything but in the real sense, are devoid of all that is meaningful. I've come across them on several occasions and if not for the knowledge I acquired from intellectual arguments and the Internet, would have become a victim of circumstance spreading lies like they do. Imagine a situation whereby Mr. Jack Doe says "oh, Chevron pays their entry level workers 800k per month" and Mr. John Thomas rebuffs saying "that's not true. A credible source said it's 400k." Well, such conversations aren't always that fluid but heck, at least you know what you're talking about.

In addition, what if someone were trying to recommend you for new jobs that pay higher than your current one? Oh! You didn't think about that? There you go.

In fairness, there's a plethora of logical reasons why people ask to know what you earn. Note that word, "logical". But if someone requests to know what you earn without stating a logical reason, you owe it to yourself to ignore such.

But then, don't be so cold.

Maybe they're not trying to "steal" your destiny.

Maybe they're not trying to "block" your glory.

Maybe they're not trying to "ruin" your life.

Maybe they just seek informed counsel and credible information.

Calm down.

-       Damzy