That thing that spins you under.

You may never grasp in its entirety the malleability of the human mind and its many complexities. Read weird books, read gothic stories - scratch that, read a lot of suicide stories and you'd see how quickly you'd be drawn to assuage yourself along those lines. This isn't me esteeming suicide in any form, but you will find out that the strongest of people out there are sometimes those who have given it all and get almost nothing in return.

Sometimes when I hear people say they sacrificed everything, I'm inclined to give a telepathic answer - "what really did you sacrifice?" Suicidal individuals, as I have come to understand, hardly ever have a defining answer to this question and the reason may not be far-fetched. Sacrifice consumes you, and from that consumption comes the inability to give an account of what you really did sacrifice. I believe this happens to just about anybody. It could be a petulant friend asking if you had ever done anything for them. Though you wished you could itemize your humanitarian service, the words would just seem to fail you. That's the complexity, that's the consumption, that's sacrifice at work.

It's a rare form of pure art.

Take more time to read unusual stuff, snoop on online support communities, particularly those that chronicle real journeys of humans (I tend to focus on suicidal journeys). You just may never understand how strong you are until you have read some of these things. Young, middle-aged and old survivors give accounts of their journeys and God, am I marveled every time.

Debunk that myth that tells you suicide is punishable by eternal damnation. There is a glaring clause to that prophecy - a clause once thoroughly explained by a Catholic priest to a congregation I was part of. I don't intend to expatiate here though, you will need to talk to someone who truly understands life and most importantly, hears God.

Help people all you can, do good, live well, live free, pay more attention to friends, support acquaintances. I still nosedive into photo albums and old posts of Facebook friends and click like at just about anything I see in a bid to motivate some. After all, it is all someone needs to feel human. Trust me my friend, people present with varying life thresholds so what you will consider immaterial to emotional satisfaction may just be someone else's serendipity.

Life is as superficial as it is deep.

Count your moments, you edge closer to your death with each passing day.

Live well, please. Just live well.