Tales from the early morning bus trip which I have translated using ghetto English:


DRIVER: *blasts loud Fuji music from his stereo*

PASSENGER 1: Oga e ba wa reduce volume kini yi (Oga please help us reduce the volume of this thing)

PASSENGER 2: I dunno why anybody will just wake up and decide to torment innocent people with stupid music. I just dunno.

DRIVER: *looks in his front mirror to see the faces of those talking*

CONDUCTOR: *sings loudly with his coarse voice*

PASSENGER 3: *bursts out laughing* These people get problem oo

PASSENGER 2: Driver, what's this nonsense? Are you crazy?

DRIVER: Iyalaya e! You for come reduce am for me na

PASSENGER 2: If you say any nonsense, I'll teach you a lesson this morning. You this idiot!

PASSENGER 3: Driver, ejo e ma da wahala le laaro yii o. E koju mo driving yin (Driver, please don't cause trouble this morning o. Just face your driving)

DRIVER: Emi o wa raye weyrey (me I don't have time for madness). If you follow me show weyrey, na all of us go l'azdent laaro yii. (If you follow me and show madness, all of us will have accident this morning)


All of us who'd been quiet the entire time started pleading with the driver right after he had made that statement.

Yes. Life is short but nobody wants to die because a man was denied his right to listen to loud Fuji music.