The following is a brief account of events chronicling the experiences of the sons and daughters of yesterday.

Please be advised that what you're about to read might leave you besmirched in the end, so, you'd do well to read this with a free mind, knowing the events could either be real in the long run or otherwise.


You get home from what turned out to be an indescribable day. A good number of events and elements became interwoven, thereby giving the day an entirely meaningless title. You swear there's a perfect description for it but the word eludes you. So, you coin a compound word that would leave grammarians befuddled by your overtly ridiculous creativity, though everyone except you thinks it's completely meaningless.

It's a cold night and everybody's home. Your mum is filing her wrinkly nails in the living room and your dad appears to be picking at buttons on his new mobile phone while he strokes his monochrome beards with his other hand. You motion for your younger brother who rushes to your side and asks, "what did you bring for me today?" You reply, "I'll give it to you after you must have brought my coffee to my room." He knew the trick too well but often relished several times in the past where you made it up to him. He heads off anyway, towards the kitchen and promised to be back before you even undress yourself.

You fling your bedroom door wide open, undress halfway and yank your shoes in such a frenzied manner that they both made loud thumps that incite your mother's barking, "You've started again o" from the living room downstairs. "This woman sef" you smirk, knowing full well how quick she is to inquire into any odd sound or movement in what she calls "my house". Your father built the house but has been wise enough to never counter his wife's occasional declaration of ownership. Each time you tease him for not challenging his wife, he often replies saying, "abeg o. I don't want to die young" By the way, he's 65. You plunge your weary body into the happiness that is your bed. You close your eyes for a moment and eventually succumb to sleep.

Suddenly, you find yourself in a different place entirely. You realize it's not your bedroom because instead of orgasmic warmth provided by your bed, you're presently floating. You begin to panic but each time you try to raise an alarm, your voice is silenced by a towering being that seems to wave it aside. You're reminded of astral projection but know this is differently similar. You bolt through your transition at lightening speed and immediately find yourself entering a domain that looks nothing like the previous one. Here, you hear voices but see no faces, you see the four elements of life but see no dwellings. At this point, you fear you might be dying and for a moment, you thought you saw your own body as it lay on the bed. You swear you must be dreaming. You attempt to reach for your human body but are incapable of making any movement from where you are. You make to cry out to your parents again but are unable to form any word. Then a fiendish voice whispers, "One more realm to go"

You hit the ground hard but feel no pain as a result. You look around you but see no such thing that could be called "ground". Instead, you find yourself moving in a float and the areas on which you tread give off the sensation of hard ground. A voice, different from the previous, whispers again "you're here now" and in response, you scream "where am I?" A tender voice suddenly asks you to be quiet and on looking closer, you recognize the face. The sight of the boy sets off an earthquake of puzzlement round your body. Then you instantaneously realize the boy is whom you know too well. For his sake, you'd joined neighborhood watch groups and promoted media campaigns in a bid to rescue him from kidnappers only to later hear that he'd had his eyes gouged out and his genitals mutilated. He died and left behind an inconsolable mother. Now, his body looked indelible. "How is this happening? Where am I?" You scream again.

Then, you begin to see more people, enough to make you realize you all were no longer inhabitants of earth. Like them, you're now at a place unknown. Nobody knew the way back and the giant creatures hovering around the realm only wore crushing smiles on their immaculate faces. None said anything. They only made sure everybody moved in the same direction of a gigantic hall with the sign, The Place of The Books. You see yet another familiar face, a woman. You remember she was your mother's childhood friend who had died of a deadly disease. At this point, you finally accept that you're dead. You say to her, "please where are we?" and she responds saying, "it's judgement day!" Now, you behold tons of familiar faces - celebrities, politicians, religious leaders. You make to say a word again but are unable to say anything at that point. You're getting closer to the The Place of the Books now.

At The Place, tour guides robed in spotless white wool show you a legion of angels, two of whom are colossuses guarding a dominion bearing the inscription, The Right. The roads leading in that direction are paved in the finest ornaments and it didn't take long for you to realize they're the same things you'd read about when you were alive. The information was contained in several books whose names you no longer remembered. Not long afterwards, you're all shown the entrance to another dominion, The Left. Nobody knows where this is but the sordid look on the faces of your tour guides are tell-tale signs that nothing good can be said of that dominion. Besides, you watch as others are being dragged into it while they wail and beg for mercy. You say to yourself, "I don't deserve to go there."

You're closer to The Place of the Books now and can see a huge screen showing the faces of people in both dominions. You behold familiar faces again, only that those you'd expected to see in one dominion actually inhabited another one entirely. "What? Even you?" you gasp as you sight the face of the one humans had touted as agents of The Left. Someone, they'd ended up in The Right and nobody could explain why. You're not allowed to witness any judgement asides yours but are able to watch people ushered in either direction until they're out of sight. You're unable to see either gates fling open but know it's where it all ends for the new entrants. Suddenly, your name gets called.

"This will take time" said the faceless voice as the pages of The Books swish one after the other as you stand alone in an empty place overwhelmed by nothingness.

"Have you found my name?" you ask, trembled.

"This will take time" said the voice again, louder than it had been the first time.

Momentarily, you're shown a clip of your life and how you'd lived through it all. It didn't take long before you begin to make a final assessment and determine which dominion you'd end up in. You tremble again at the possibility of ending up in The Left. You look around you but see nothing but emptiness.

"But I deserve better"

The surface on which you tread appears to be giving in, you feel yourself sink gradually, you ask to be allowed a message back home but no answer comes. You begin to remember everything anew, your family, friends, earth.

"It is time" said the voice finally.

"What becomes of me?" You scream as agony takes over your being and tears stream uncontrollably from your eyes, giving you the feeling of being human again.

"It is time for you to ... "

You're jolted by a coarse grip and a whiplash. Then came the voice "Wake up oo! I've brought your coffee."