Don't you sometimes wonder why the West (America & Europe) celebrate the news of university admission like every other important occasion in their lives?

There was also a time when Nigerians basked in the euphoria of securing admission in top Nigerian universities but the labor market has somewhat desensitized us to what was once considered a laudable feat.

These days, you hardly ever hear anybody talk about the tertiary institutions they attend and I guess this grim trend is predicated on the shambolic state of the country's educational system. I mean, what's there to celebrate when your first class degree wouldn't land you a job, let alone a dream one?

What's there to celebrate when your second class upper degree will be considered out there as another honorary title?

An average Westerner knows that a certificate from Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Imperial College, UCLA etc. are golden passwords to lofty jobs. The average Westerner knows that these are schools that open all doors. They know all this too well because the system has been set up for their personal and collective prosperity.

Ours is a country of many ills; a country where lecturers tell you that A belongs to God and B to them, where they openly determine the pass rate in their courses long before exams even take place, where school authorities only bother to lobby for government funds to be spent on white elephant projects instead of value-adding student-oriented services, where the so-called university Dons and whatever else they call them hardly lobby for job spaces for graduates of their resident tertiary institution.

We all know our story too well and wish things could change. But the more things change, the more they remain the same.

This is one of the numerous reasons why you need to register to vote at the 2019 elections. It'll be an election that MUST be preceded by presidential debates, intellectual grills and the whole nine yards. The USA's unemployment rate is at an all-time low at 4% while ours has climbed for nine consecutive years and now stands at 14.2%. Bear in mind that the USA's population is almost twice the size of ours, so, do the math.

Don't listen to the harbingers of doom trying to discourage you from registering. Hearken to your own voice, go out there and register.

Take no chances, take no prisoners.

2019, we move.

-       Damzy