Lately, I've been thinking about that place.

If you are the type who reads books written by amazing writers, you would remember a distinct connection, longing, or remembrance they (or their main characters) always share about a certain destination that has defined their being. Such destinations mostly always include but are not restricted to their childhood home, grandparent's abode, a dream holiday destination, former city of residence. Anywhere.

I have read one too many books and often come across such referential accounts. The authors/main characters describe these destinations as though it were a fantasy land of some sort. They talk about the lush and immaculately-scented vegetation, the serene neighborhood where everybody knows everybody, the living springs that well on to oblivion, the year-long utopian weather and the distinct animals. These places are usually described in dreams, and others, at the beginning and end of the stories. But one thing is sacrosanct -- in such places, the writers/characters always find peace.

I've been thinking about that place.

Nigeria is a country of many ills and though I've read books written by a handful of Nigerian authors, I can hardly remember any one of them detail a longing for such destination(s). I don't want to believe there exists none of such destinations in this country. Must be far from it. My stay in a remote location in northern Nigeria and its neighboring cities made me realize there's a plethora of such peaceful destinations in Nigeria. In fact, you need to look out for rural settlements each time you travel through the northern region, the views are one to die for. There are some views you would get from the hills of Mangu (Jos) that you would literally pay to get in other countries.

I've been thinking about that place.

I've also been privileged to read about a lot of picturesque towns. Places such as Nantucket, Maui, Perth, Brescia, Copenhagen, Oslo, Nuremberg. Read about them, and more. You will be thankful you did. As for me, I've resolved to push as hard and for as long as I can because the ultimate goal is to find that place, live and write about it. My goal is to work as hard as I can at this young age, run away from all of the madness at this young age, find that place at this young age, and retire at this young age.

When I get to that place, I will build or buy a small house, big enough to accommodate whoever I deem fit. At that place, there will be no noise. Just a house overlooking nature's picturesque serenity, quiet neighbors with whom I'll be happy to share my food, giddy pets, I imagine I'll have dogs, a rabbit, a doe, cats, and perhaps, a horse on whose large back I'll gallop the surrounding vegetation. There will be children too, but most importantly, there'll be an amazing wife with whom I'll enjoy the serenity.

A life of tranquility and merriment.

That day will come.

I will find that place.

-       Damzy