I miss the old Nollywood.

Those were days when you literally looked forward to seeing movies just because of the attractiveness of their posters.

Those days when movie adverts were narrated by voice over artistes who spoke as though they had hot dodo in their mouths.
🙊 Those days of GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!!

Those days when installations were carefully churned out.

Those days of Kanayo O Kanayo and compulsory blood money.

Those days of Ramsey Nouah the lover boy who never had sex on camera for us to see

Those days when Hank Anuku and Gentle Jack were synonymous with death and hired assassination.

Those days when Zack Orji always suffered one mishap or another.

Those days when Charles Okafor and Saint Obi always quarreled with their family members because of their wives.

Those days when Florence Onuma and Rachael Oniga suffered gravely at the hands of their in-laws.

Those days when Patience Ozokwor was still in the process of deciding between good and evil, though we all know what she settled for. Now I hear she's joined the cast of The Wedding Party 2 - let's pray for Banky W (Dozie) and Adesua

Those days when Aki and Pawpaw were sure to make you laugh yourself to the point of madness.

Those days when the whole country gathered to watch Super Story on Thursdays at 8pm and Fuji House of Commotion on Sundays at 7:30pm.

Golden days.

Then came the era of the comedians who nearly ruined the global perception of Nollywood with their drab releases. From Spider Girl to Super Boy, from Bat Girl to Blackberry Babes, from Juliet Must Die to Mazi Bond (Nollywood's version of James Bond


It's a good thing Nollywood has evolved from the dearth of creative concepts that infested it a few years ago.

However, I still miss the old Nollywood.

Of all the movies I saw as a child, I still think these three were the most compelling for me:

- Diamond Ring (Teju Babyface, Liz Benson)

- Igodo (Nobert Young, Sam Dede)

- Issakaba (Sam Dede)

You nko?

-              Damzy