DRIVER: **blasts Fuji music from his bus stereo**

CONDUCTOR: **swings his hips as he sings along to Pasuma's lyrics**

PASSENGER 1: **her long and wooly attachment (hair) blows radiantly as the wind caresses it**

PASSENGER 2: **flinches intermittently as Passenger One's hair crushes his ear, neck and face - unknown to Passenger One

PASSENGER 3: **notices Passenger 2's predicament and begins to chuckle**

PASSENGER 1: **her hair blows gently again, attacking Passenger 2's pressure points**

PASSENGER 2: Hay! Sister abeg pack this hair biko. No come kill me this early morning

PASSENGER 1: Oh I'm so sorry. I didn't know. **brings out a red ribbon/rubber band from her bag and ties the hair in a knot, bringing more orderliness to the once errant hair**

PASSENGER 2: Chai! E no easy o. E don tey.


PASSENGER 2: No be you I dey follow talk. I just dey think sontin

PASSENGER 3: **finally bursts out laughing** Oga wetin don tey? Talk your mind make the sister sabi as e dey do you

***everyone bursts out laughing***

PASSENGER 2: my sister na so na. I for say make she no pack am but as the thing dey enter my ear, e no safe. Make person no come condemn for this early Monday morning

PASSENGER 1: **erupts in laughter, then strokes Passenger 2's chin** Oga I sey make you no vex

PASSENGER 2: Hayyyyy! **grins like a lunatic** You no go kill person o.

***everyone bursts out laughing again***

You women are just wicked!
😂😂 How do you feel each time you tension us, knowing full well we can't do anything about it? You're taking undue advantage of innocent people just because you think you have power abi?

Ordinary hair is what nearly turned that one to a leper, what if she had touched more dangerous parts of his body? Na ambulance go carry am comot for that bus.

Anyway, I just hope you people will examine your conscience. Your evil conscience.