The walls appear to be caving in, not because there is an underlying terminal medical condition but because there simply isn't any more room left for adjustment. You would think the frustration that accompanied graduation from a Nigerian tertiary institution would be assuaged by timely availability of employment opportunities but not in this clime. Graduating from college just happens to be one out of a string of Herculean tasks to scale on the road to redemption, and if you are lucky, fulfillment. Emphasis on that word, fulfillment. It's the same as crawling out of the belly of a giant orca long after being swallowed though not unscathed, but surviving the decimating force of its ferocious teeth and digestive enzymes.

Survival has fast replaced competition among the Nigerian youths. What ought to have been a society that features fierce contests between various dimensions of intellectual property, has become one which literally sees the "any which way" attain lofty heights. People can no longer discern between when to praise God for His blessings and acknowledge the devil for the rewards that come with carrying out his deeds. Counterparts who ought to be regarded as enviable competition and sources of inspiration are now seen as demigods not because of what they have to offer in terms of superior cognitive abilities, but just nepotistic advantages. He knows the right people, so, earns a better pay. I know nobody, therefore, have to settle for whatever I get. That analogy however, represents a mild description of the travails of the most populous age group in the largest African economy.

The one tool with which all of these can be revamped is being bastardized by the significant lot of this age group. That one tool, politics, is the reason why the walls would continue doing people in. God will not forbid this, at least not while you are still in limbo. Were the same time devoted to following up on and keeping up with social trends be invested in active participation in politics, just maybe things would have been a lot better. They may, as there are still signs of potential, albeit bleak but relatively encouraging.

There are also formula that can be adopted. If you are the APCyst or PDPig that people tag you, keep doing what you do, but with sense. You need sense. Many have attained a remarkable level of insurmountable stupidity but for you to excel (positively), you need that extra touch of class. You need sense. Enjoin more people to participate in politics, especially females. Nigeria has a plethora of mentally attractive women who can become aggressive and influential ambassadors of individual growth and national development. And while many of them already consider Nigeria as an irredeemable patriarchal society of perpetual assent, which thereby dents their hopes of active participation, others may just be looking for that eureka moment that would pave the way for a formidable rise in the womanpower (I had to borrow that word). Only then can we begin to assert that things are in order. Ignore the males with lackluster traits, we have been the prime harbingers of anarchy in this society anyway, so it matters less what we care about. The real mission is to ensure the care-free ones do not get to the 'careful' offices. This is what we need.

In 2019, there will be no recycling. Would it be possible to vote out every current serving member of the legislative arm of government in Nigeria? Well, that's a bugger of a thought. And quite frankly, I do not care what becomes of our political "elders" at this point, and I certainly do not wish them well.

Yes. I don't.

-       Damzy.