I came across a mind-boggling Facebook post some days ago where the poster went on a tirade about how "haters" would perish or crumble if they dared crossed their path.

Ordinarily, I'd have scrolled past it but noticed the post generated quite a heck load of comments. Interestingly, the young man tagged who-is-who in order to "come for their heads" and display his courage. I see similarly pugnacious Facebook posts at least every week and pay zilch attention to them but this one, boy!, the comment section was volcanic.

Of course, he had defenders (voltrons) and "persecutors" but noteworthy were two people who weren't having none of the poster's rants. One literally asked him to comment his house address or workplace address just so they could "settle it once and for all" but the second one went the extra mile by posting snapshots of the poster's LinkedIn page and stating clearly how they'd intended to pay him a visit few days afterwards.

I think it was at that point that voltrons realized the crap had hit the fan and things were about to get real.

Guess what I did?

I paused to tour the poster's timeline and discovered that eight of his last twelve Facebook posts contained subliminal messages that could be easily "caught/packed" by their original "owners". Once I'd made my inference, I revisited the burning post to read the explosive comments.

In a mysterious twist of fate, the so-called "sub merchant" had begun imploring his prospective opponents who had become more vocal about their plans. A few elements also sprung up to chant the "he needs to be taught a lesson" anthem. Apparently, those ones had stopped commenting on his posts on account of his insolence but now converged to approve the misfortune that was to befall him.

Where am I going with this?

Some of you need to be very careful on social media platforms. There's no problem in "voicing" your opinion but it becomes a problem when you start biting off more than you mouth can swallow. Some of you seem to derive orgasm from flinging subliminal messages all across the blogosphere and I wonder how you sleep at night.

Honestly, I wish I could continue but it gets tiring when you advise recalcitrant individuals. If you're not careful, the little ones might eventually belittle you.

Respect isn't compulsory but in a country like Nigeria, you need to guard your mouth and trigger fingers.


As for the post, it's been deleted. Besides, you don't expect me to mention the person's name, do you?

Good. I've made my point.

Now, respect yourself.