There's nothing you won't find on Facebook. Though I still believe Facebook Naija offers the full package - fun, knowledge and love - compared to the other social media platforms, it still houses the most ridiculous individuals.

I came across a post on which one of the commenters was lambasted for seeing nothing wrong with having a wife who's richer than he is. His traducers - young and old men - derided him for being "myopic", "foolish" and what have you. And in his own defense, he just wanted a marriage that was financially stress-free and premised on that was why he saw nothing wrong with having a richer partner.

Ironically, I'm quite sure he doesn't know we're brothers in spirit.

You see, I've come across an awful lot of scenarios in which wives were entirely dependent on their husbands for financial needs. The husbands provided every single item the household needed, from food to shelter, clothing, school fees, sanitary pads, and accessories - every bloody thing. I've also seen men get crushed by the weight of these overbearing responsibilities and a closer look at the scenario revealed wives who were occupationally disempowered, either by choice or by force.

It would appear as though some women literally set out to become housewives of wealthy men while others are just coaxed into unemployment by their egoistic husbands who enforce absolute ownership on them.

Today, you'll hear young girls say they don't intend to "hustle" with any man and will rather spend their lives enjoying with a rich husband. On the other hand, there are men who suppress the will of spouses who are desirous of occupational engagements. To them, "my wife will not work for any man" but at the end of the day, the same men complain of financial strains.

Your cup of tea!

All these cases have taught me big lessons and I couldn't be more thankful. Personally, it'll be a thing of joy to have a financially buoyant wife, one who can support you pound for pound and ensure you don't lose blood in the process of meeting financial responsibilities, a wife who will buy you tangible gifts at random and with her own money, a wife who won't wait for you to return home before paying for basic items but will instead foot bills while you refund her later, a wife that can stand where hardworking women stand, a wife who won't list cooking and bedroom skills as her greatest achievements in life.

This is the kind of wife I pray for.

It's fine if you want something different for yourself. I mean, good luck with all of that.

But while I hustle, I will keep reminding myself of one of the ultimate plans - to marry a hardworking and goal-driven woman.

A true slay queen.