Artist Spotlight: Crusoe Art

What is your name?

TIAMIYU AYODEJI, but friends call me Skinneycruse.

Tell us a bit about yourself/background

I’m an African, Body paint and Abstract artist. Born and raised in Nigeria, based in New York. My interest in art and unofficial work started at a very tender age.  In 2010, while enrolled at Ebunoluwa International School, I participated in the Children-in-Art-Funfair/Concert, and was awarded the first place prize in graphics competition at National Gallery of Art, Osun State, Nigeria. I am currently a student at CUNY Baruch College; major accounting. I enjoyed playing around with lines to create shapes and forms (Abstract art).

When did you start doing this (art/music/production/design etc.)?

Officially, May 2017. That’s when I recently took a bold step of beautifying people’s faces for a viral video promoting the Afro Kompa show. I has also expanded to beautifying shoes and clothes representing, culture and things of around me. With the theme: “My Art, My Culture, My Life”.

How was the reaction/feedback from those around you (family/friends)?

The face paint in the video caught the attention of many viewers and many of them expressed their love for my art. The success of the promotion video provided the platform for me to paint people’s faces at the Afro Kompa at stage 48. One African Music Fashion Premium and more.

What inspires your art?

My culture and activities around me.

What is your favorite piece and why?

Favorite piece of customized shoes/body paint? I really don’t have one, because every new designed shoes and body paint turns of to be favorite.

Who would you like to work with /who inspires you/ which artist do you admire?

My dad arts, Nike Art Gallery, LaoluNYC, my friend Tai’swardrobe and arts in general inspire me and I admire their works a lot. And I would like to work with my dad, LaoluNYC and any great artist I can learn from.

Future Plans?

Stay relevant; touch people’s life in a positive way and for my art to be known everywhere.

What advice do you have for anybody out there who wants to be an artist like you?

Failure is not the end of life, it means try harder.

Instagram: @crusoe_art

Facebook: @crusoe_art