The street is military.

People have actually been saying this for a long time but the thing is, the streets have never been 'militarier'. Stand at major bus stops between the hours of 8am and 7pm every weekday and try to decode the countenance of different individuals. People have been and are going through severe mental, emotional and psychological torment. Jobs, marriages, family and life in its entirety. I don't like to see people suffer at any point in their lives, especially when it is at the hands of someone who ought not put them through anguish.

People are getting engaged every week, flashing rings and scalding their knees, shedding tears and writing the corresponding love stories. Yada yada yada! If you let these people shape your emotional ideology, then I'm sorry for you. You will end up a sad and unfulfilled individual as a result of not minding your own business and setting your own standards. These days, little things shape people's ideologies. You would be surprised by the preposterousness of the nature of these things as well, things I'd rather not mention.

And that sense of entitlement? Hian! That one. It is in the blood. People have outgrown and are outgrowing the plague. I hope many more do.

That warped sense of yours that makes you believe your rich uncle is obligated to send you money occasionally. That sense that makes you believe your wealthy aunt who though has her own family, ought to realize the urgency of your material needs and make necessary contributions. It goes the other way too, that you're my relative doesn't mean you're my anything. Everything I do for you is strictly as a result of my inherent disposition, I owe you nothing.

Listen, no one owes you anything, not unless they are your parents or are being paid to owe you (politicians). You will either go hard on these streets or go home. Get your own money, get your own life, or get lost. Do not misconstrue generosity for obligation. Your parents are obligated to take care of you till you have attained a certain age of independence, your friends, relatives and sundry are being generous when they offer you material assistance.

Be humble. Stay humble.

The Creator intends for us to look out for one another, but several man-made intrusions have

scuttled His plans. So, He watches us while we're at it, giving us no scribes and no scrolls, just that brain inside our thick heads. The unlucky ones have seen their brains undergo speedy atrophy, some brains have mutated, while some are stagnant. Be a mutant! That is the only way you will overcome because quite frankly, nobody cares about you on these streets.....

.....on these streets where you die!

And if you must die, at least die well.

-       Damzy