With the way some of you freely defend rapists by making warped cases for them, it won't be long before Nigerian parents start acquiring firearms as tools of vengeance and/or self-defense.

Sometime ago, it was reported that a 41-year old man in Yemen was executed with a machine gun for raping and murdering a 3-year old girl and the first thing that came to my mind was "GREAT". Though I know the punishment won't be enough solace for the deceased's parents, I'm comforted by the grim justice that was meted out to the hellish perpetrator.

Then I thought to myself again, why can't Nigerian courts have rapists run over by tanks, caterpillars or any other kind of deathly machine? All we ever hear of rape cases in Nigeria is how the perps are being "jailed" or "punished" without actually knowing the outcome of these legal penalties. At what point will we step things up? Isn't it disturbing that in a country of more than 50 million adult females, 1 in 3 women have a sexual abuse/rape story to tell?

I'll ask again, at what point will we realize that rape has become a deadly epidemic in this carnal country of pseudo-religious congregants?

As for those of you who literally have to be reminded about how your loved ones could be victims before you condemn rapists, you're part of the big problem hampering the anti-rape movement. But if that's the enzyme that can catalyze your active interest in ensuring rape cases are rightly pursued till justice has been served, then so be it. We'll keep reminding you that your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife or loved one are all potential victims of rape, in hopes that you'll not only speak out against the heinous act but vehemently advocate for justice for rape victims.

And for the evil women who have made a career out of making false accusations of rape in a bid to punish innocent men, your day of reckoning is coming. You lot do nothing but stifle the efforts of genuine anti-rape activists and make mockery of the chronic cancer that rape has become. And if people had their way, your kind will be institutionalized for a long time until you become a shadow of yourself.

But that's by the way.

Today, we're talking about rapists. Rape advocacy isn't a one-off, we'll keep talking about it until these perps are made to pay for their deliberate acts of death. We'll keep talking in deafening tones until we achieve significant results.

To the rape apologists and enablers - male and female alike - rest assured people see through your deceit and won't stop calling you out for your sinister crimes against humanity. Worse is how you subtly or wholly defend rapists not because you don't know they're guilty but simply because you desire public acknowledgement for your alternative intelligence. You want to pass off for being enlightened or "woke".

Very well.

Just go back and read the latter part of the first sentence of this post.

Now, take a freaking good look at me as I type this...

The mothers and fathers of today will have to DEFEND the daughters of tomorrow.

Get lost.

-       Damzy.