HIM: Bro, please I'd like to hear your thoughts on a particular topic. Hope you don't mind obliging me?

ME: Oh sure, carry on, though my replies won't be as prompt as you may desire

HIM: Okay bro. That's fine.

ME: Alright bro. So what were you gonna talk about?

HIM: Yeah. So, I'd like to ask, what do you think about homosexuality/homosexuals in general?

ME: Well, I just think they're people with unique sexual inclinations. Besides, they seem to be comfortable with it so, no big deal.

HIM: Oh great! I've always known you to be objective. So you support/advocate the movement?

ME: Thanks for the kind words. But sorry, what movement?

HIM: Homosexuality

ME: Oh. And what does "support/advocate" mean in this context?

HIM: You'll encourage people to indulge in it too?

ME: No I won't. That I believe in free will (for homosexuals) doesn't translate to "support/advocacy". They're people who've chosen a path for themselves, so whatever makes them happy is fine. It's none of my business either.

HIM: Interesting. I'm still trying to understand your point though. Mind explaining?

ME: Simply put, I don't support homosexuality. But if people want to indulge in it, that's their business. It's not an issue I'll lose sleep over.

HIM: Isn't that mildly homophobic?

ME: Loool. You're a clever drama king. How's that in any way homophobic?

HIM: Look at what you're saying.

ME: Chill, what's your sexual inclination?

HIM: Straight.

ME: okay. If a guy randomly taps your butt in public or asks to kiss you, how would you react?

HIM: First of all, I'll be offended.

.....(still typing)......

ME: Good. Basically, you're homophobic too?

HIM: How's that homophobia?

ME: 1 - 1.

-       Damzy.