You've got to give it up for women though, it's not easy to become devoted custodians of modern fashion.

My case in point is those who are brave enough to wear jumpsuits and live to tell the story.

From what I've been made to understand, you're left with no choice than to literally pull off the entire thing when you're pressed. On a normal day, it's no big deal to be pressed. All you need is a toilet or a private corner where you can do your thing and go your way. And even if you're unable to find a corner, you could get your friends to shield you in a public space while you offload since you're only required to either raise your skirt or slightly pull down your trousers.

And voila!

However, it appears jumpsuit women have little or absolutely no chance of exhibiting such luxuries. You have to take off everything you're wearing before you can have peace of mind, bladder and anus, depending on the mode of emergency.

Wait, so you mean you'll want to ‘weewee’ or ‘pooh pooh’ in an environment where there's no toilet in sight and fear will be catching you to off cloth and thereby expose your womanhood? Ordinary to piss and you must off cloth?

Why then do you ladies still wear that thing which puts them through such unexpected tragedy?

The one I find baffling is when small-bumbum girls wear jumpsuit.

I mean, doesn't it make you feel like a dishonest person? Does your conscience not prick you each time you wear a jumpsuit knowing full well you don't have big bumbum? Oh! You think you're deceiving us?

You lie!

You're only deceiving yourself.

Anyway, before they'll say I'm talking again, lemme just stop here.

But then, ladies, what's your jumpsuit story?

Are you a conqueror or a victim?

-              Damzy