On one or two occasions in recent past, I explained my reasons for tuning off political discourses on social media and switching to jocular content. This I did, in order to avoid the insolent tag of a "pained GEJite" by hardline political cyber thugs who characteristically misinterpreted opposition for Buhari as support for Jonathan.

As a promiscuous reader of colonial and post-independence Nigerian history, I also needed time to process the disaster that was about to befall our nation with such a man as our president, a man to whom no exemplary leadership quality was attributed by renowned historians who have at some point or another chronicled the events that have come to shape our coexistence as a people.

The signs were there but Nigerians deliberately and carelessly looked the other way. About 15.2 million of them. We were given a bibliography of Buhari's past misdeeds but for a poor collective sense of political judgement, threw caution to the wind and voted him in power.

We were warned.

Now, in his second coming, Nigeria has incurred nothing but hardship after hardship at the hands of Buhari. Though the National Bureau of Statistics have done limply to mask the harrowing state of the economy with colorful infographics, the truth remains piercing. Nigeria under Buhari is heading for the gallows. The nation is tanking.

A country once liberated from the fangs of political ethnocentricity has now seen its ignoble wounds re-engorged by a man who upholds the 97% - 5% rule. He's since followed it up with deliberate blindness to the deathly atrocities committed by his kinsmen. A man who values livestock over the people he governs. A man who in his immaculate emptiness deceived millions of people. A man who had 14 years to formulate a clear leadership vision but has now become a mere figurehead and presidential pensioner. A conniving fraudster.

As I sit in this bus, I'm reminded of those days when we had political parties established for the sole purpose of furthering the interest of their respective ethnic groups. That time when Nigeria's major political parties were the Action Group, National Council of Nigerian Citizens, United Middle Belt Congress & the Northern Peoples Congress. Though crude, you were only going to get voted if your political ambition was to further the wellbeing of your tribesmen. They spoke less English. Today, what we mostly have are a bunch of strange bedfellows who have nothing to offer their tribe, let alone the country.

The stigma and public venom directed at the six men whose pictures are being passed around on social media is of no surprise to me either. If anything, I'd say it's an incomplete collage. There's a handful of other toxic political jobbers missing from that banner. Kayode Ogundamisi, D-One Ayekooto and Jack Obinyan Buhari are some of the most notorious and unrepentant social media bullies who hounded naive citizens into thinking Buhari was a panacea of some sort. They had the option of exercising their civic rights in a noble fashion, but instead chose to propagate lies, foster hatred and engender anarchy. So, it is only right that they be stigmatized in the manner they currently are. Karma passed an early judgement. Poetic justice.

Furthermore, don't be deceived by the pseudo-intellect of any Nigerian in the diaspora asking you to consider Buhari for a second term, for they have no idea where the pain stings the most. You are here, be your own news source. Calamity must not befall us a second time.

By the way, the latest NBS report revealed that over 34 million Nigerians were either underemployed or unemployed as at Q3 2017, the worse labour force statistic ever recorded in modern Nigerian history. And that number is set to rise in the next few quarters under this administration.

However, we have a choice. We are no longer counting in years. The elections are barely 14 months away and we owe ourselves a duty to avenge the dead and override our oppressors. Gone are those days when one had to travel to a distant location before they could vote. Now, INEC appear to have assuaged the process. Now, you can change your polling units. You can obtain your PVC at the nearest INEC office. Now, all answers lie on the other end of the phone call to the INEC help desk.

Tell a friend.

May God bless the dead. Amen.

-       Damzy