If your commitment towards feminism is premised on a passionate hatred for men, I'd love to run a few things by you.

First, in all you do, ensure you don't get married to any man and more importantly, don't seek the help of any man on your journey to success. Otherwise, you will be the butt of the same joke you tried so hard to peddle.

Last year, I attended the two-day WIMBIZ Conference in Lagos, where I came across the largest gathering of beautiful and progressive African women from all walks of life. Of the several panel sessions that took place, the generally accepted irony was that though men posed the biggest threat to the career advancement/development of women in the society, the same men were needed to be actively engaged and reoriented in order to further the development of women in the society.

Now, anyone who's familiar with WIMBIZ will know the caliber of women that constitute its ecosystem. Simply put, it's easier for an elephant to pass through the eye of a needle than it is to find an influential Nigerian woman who isn't connected to WIMBIZ in one way or another. Never have I seen or heard Nigerian female professionals support one another on a wide scale so effortlessly and passionately.

They have as mentors, directors and board members, accomplished men and women wholeheartedly committed to the cause of gender equality/equal opportunities as evidenced in both their individual and collective dispositions. Then one might wonder if any meaningful feat would have been achieved had there been inherent hatred for the other gender.

So, once again, if your idea of feminism advocates a violent face-off between both genders, I'm afraid you might be out of touch with what the movement actually entails.

If your brand of feminism doesn't go beyond social media vitriols against men, you've certainly lost the plot.

If your feminist status has never seen you partake in any female empowerment activity - whether actively or passively - then please, seek help and enlightenment.

Every day, we see faux cyber feminists famed for hurling expletives at people who don't see things from their own angle. And more perplexing is how they deride other women for propagating the non-violent or extreme form of feminism.

However, the serious-minded individuals - young and old, popular and otherwise - are out there making moves to further the feminism antiphon and for what it's worth, are recording positive and tangible results. These are the people who matter.

How about the social media bullies test the waters by organizing an event whose topic borders on misandry, then see how many genuine female professionals would attend?

Empty barrels and deafening noises.

For the true comrades out there, rest assured your efforts are seen, acknowledged and etched in the hearts of many. You are the ones that really matter.

In the meantime, let the noisy ones continue while we pretend they amount to anything at all.