From what I've seen so far, it appears the anger being directed at Donald Trump isn't predicated on the falseness of his (derogatory) remarks but mainly because the truth was spoken of us by a complete outsider, more so a widely-hated popular figure.

Over the years, we've had both notable and irrelevant Nigerians describe our country with the most ignoble words and each time, we rolled out supportive arguments on their behalf.

We've also had a countless number of Nigerians describe Nigeria as a cesspool, contraption, animal farm and most commonly, a zoo. Yet, at no point in time did their statements engender media outrage like we're currently witnessing.

These same Nigerians will beckon on foreign countries when gruesome incidents startle our national peace. And when these foreigners rein in on the perpetrators, either verbally or decisively, we decry blue murder and deride the audacity of the same foreigners we collectively beckoned on our plight.

Ironically, most, if not all of those raining expletives on Donald Trump for his statement would wholeheartedly jump on an offer/invitation to live or study in the U.S. - without looking back. So I ask, who really is deceiving who?

We live in a country governed by people who disregard our human rights and would stop at nothing to put us in untold hardship. A country infested by numerous socio-politico-economic plagues and injustices. A country that has moved in several directions but in reality hasn't left the same position. But no, we must be angry for every reason.

For those who have uncannily shared pictures of highbrow areas and sprawling buildings in Nigeria in a bid to discredit Trump's claims, we all know deep down that nothing you share will be weighty enough to counter the narrative. Those who know, know.

A couple of weeks ago, the Mayor of London tweeted at Donald Trump unwelcoming him in their country. And just few days ago when Trump cunningly tried to announce his refusal to visit London, the same Londoners, especially politicians, invaded his privacy and reminded him about how he was originally unwelcome in the first place. That's a country whose leaders pride themselves in their unwavering commitment to national growth and development.

Meanwhile, Fasisi from Okokomaiko believes that a picture of Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge is enough evidence to counter Trump's claims. Chukwudi from Ariaria believes a picture of a popular roundabout is capable of silencing Donald Trump. Maigaskiya from Kano thinks Nigeria's botanical gardens are a match for America's advanced space technology system.

We can be angry all we want but deep down, we know the truth. So, let's continue to pretend as if there's no work to be done in our country.