Amazon is currently one of the world’s most valuable companies, with a market cap of over $639 billion.
Amazon provides a wide range of services including e-commerce, cloud computing and retailing.
The company’s CEO & Founder, Jeff Bezos, currently holds the title of the world’s richest person, with an estimated net worth of $110 billion.
Amazon currently has its HQ situated in Washington DC and has a global workforce of 541,700 and counting.
Some months ago, Amazon announced its plans to set up another HQ and several dozen destinations from around the world were suggested.
Now, Amazon has shortlisted 20 major cities as the top contending hosts of its HQ2, with the winner to be announced in the coming months.
Do you know what’s fascinating about this story?
Ever since the 20-city list became public, tens of thousands of the cities’ residents have taken to the media to outline the numerous benefits available to Amazon should they decide to choose their own city.
Articles, cartoons, skits, documentaries, talk shows, caricature, graffiti and media campaigns continue to pop up in hundreds, with each stating reasons why their city will be the best fit for Amazon’s HQ2.
State government officials are not left out of this jamboree, with state governors and top politicians reeling out tremendous value propositions in a bid to woo Amazon. In fact, some are literally opening up their “treasure chest” for Amazon to feed on.
Do you know why?
Amazon is one of the few Fortune 500 companies with magnetic ability to attract any kind of consumer. You can see them as the all-purpose company through which any kind of product can be sold or marketed to millions of people.
Therefore, hosting Amazon’s HQ2 would give rise to the influx of several other valuable companies who wish to do business directly or indirectly with Amazon.
The more the business activity/opportunity available in your city, the higher the employment opportunities available for your residents. For example, why do you think people travel all the way down to attend interviews in Lagos despite having no one to stay with? Though Lagos isn’t particularly friendly (with government-controlled resources) except for blue chip companies, it offers an expansive consumer population of over 20 million people. This is why you will find five different branches of the same bank on a major street in Lagos while some can’t boast of having more than three branches of the same bank in another state.
So, in Amazon’s case, nobody is asking them for bribes and royalties before they can set up their HQ.
No one plans to sell and resell land to them.
Residents are literally praying that their states be picked, in the same way countries jostle to host major sports competitions e.g. World Cup and Olympics.
Now tell me, why can’t our leaders be this responsible and our cities viable?
How come all the jobs seem to be in Lagos, Abuja and PH, with a only few other states offering adequate job opportunities? 
Anyway, getting a PVC will be a right step in the right direction. Or don't you think?
Or don’t you think that henceforth, all political aspirants MUST be involved in election debates so we could verify the scalability of their plans and hold them to their words thereafter?
Or are we meant to keep losing out on mouth-watering opportunities being offered by foreign investors who shudder at the demands made of them by hostile government officials?
While Nigeria ranks second on the list of countries with the worst electricity, Germany makes so much energy, it pays people to use electricity.
Elections are right round the corner. That's our reality, not Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform.
Let’s exercise our civic responsibilities and railroad our oppressors.