Someday sooner or later, I would love to read or publish a scholarly article on the psychological and medicinal benefits of bubbly posterior structures of wonderful creatures called women.

My fascination for this part of the female body is somewhat hereditary and it behooves me to express sincere gratitude to the powers that be for availing me the wherewithal to explore this researchable entity.

These structures clearly vary in size and based on meticulous findings, I've theorized the benefits to be directly proportional to the volume.

Hence, the bigger the size, the more the benefits available to the carrier and by extension, the prime beneficiary.

The harvesters (beneficiaries) of this structure have also been shown to live longer lives and my fellow researchers would attest to its rare ability to cure life-threatening illnesses which include depression, stress, low morale and most especially, despair.

Like I said earlier, I intend to do more in order to understand the workings of this structure and thereby contribute my quota in the advancement of humanity, particularly the male gender.

Therefore, I'm using this opportunity to enjoin my fellow men who are yet to see the light to embrace this ideology and key into an untapped source of joy. I must equally emphasize the importance of investing adequate resources in ensuring proper care is given to the carrier(s) of this magnetic structures, depending on how many you're able to harvest at a time.

However, science has also revealed the high mortality rates seen in multiple simultaneous harvests. So, please be careful to harvest only what your body can contain.

And if you're fortunate enough to be a carrier or happen to know one, kindly signify or tag them, so we can appreciate the earth's lushness and promote the course of humanity.

May we all live long, carriers and harvesters alike.