In my sincere opinion, bulk of Nigerian motivational speakers still have a lot to learn about telling honest stories.

Currently, all you need to become one is a suitable blend of fashion, flawless diction and word play, as well as the right publicity.

Then boom, your name starts to pop up everywhere.

But the truth is there's only a tiny fraction who possess richness of content.

Take away the aforementioned qualities from the mix and all you have are quasi-religious evangelists. There's hardly any one of them who doesn't centre everything on abstract nouns.

Divine Intervention. Exponential Upliftment. Dynamic Grace. Fantabulous Connection.

All sorts of bunkum.

This same habit can be observed amongst successful business magnates in Nigeria - especially the older generation.

If you've attended programmes where success stories were shared by these guys, you'd find a distinct pattern whereby bulk of their stories centered on the "grace of God."

Only few care to give clear details of their journey to success and run you through the maze of life.

As for the others, "I thank God", "God heard my cries", "only God".


We can't undermine God's involvement in your success but what exactly did you do?

Who did you beckon on? Were you crowd-funded or bootstrapped? Did you spend countless hours at the government office waiting for approval? Which public departments did you visit? How much did those things cost? What was forfeit?

These are the essential details that constitute a true success story. Not religious antiphons. Not unfounded litanies. Nothing of that sort.

When Funke Opeke, CEO Main One, was invited to speak at TechPoint 2.0 in 2017, she did a phenomenal job of sharing verifiable and applicable details of how she built her company, including the pros and cons.

Also, if you're a regular listener of Ted talks or reader of articles written by Silicon Valley and Wall Street entrepreneurs, you'll hardly evade the feeling of self-immersion. They bare it all and make you feel like a part of the story.

That is how you help others.

But if all you do is play the "God card", you will not only leave a crop of ambitious people doubting God's benevolence but a larger group banking solely on the grace of God in order to succeed.

I'm no theologian but can assert that God doesn't reward idle/lazy people.

So, please get up and going.

If you meet any successful person along the way, don't just ask for prayers. Ask relevant questions.

As e dey hot.