Am I the only one who's noticed that today's children are something else entirely? 😭

In fact, things are getting out of hand. But we hope they remain that way for a long time.

I gained admission into secondary school at the age of 10, and university at 16, but nothing I learnt in those formative years compares to what children are currently learning.

Take away the ruggedness peculiar to schooling back then, and all you'll have left is a staggering difference between the quality of education between then and now.

Simply put, today's children know too much. Dem no even dey fear elders again.

The other day, I was chatting with someone about the smart professional my 8-year old cousin was becoming. This girl throws big words around like they're nothing. One time, I asked her a question and she responded saying, "Well, just give me some time. I'll definitely think about it."

And when I asked if I'd get a response the following day, she replied, "Probably", then cat-walked away from the conversation.

Imagine the audacity!

At her age, I doubt I'd learnt any adverb, let alone advanced sentence construction. But hey, don't blame me. While I was born in my own time, it appears today's children are way ahead of theirs. It's more reason why school fees have become rather expensive, with schools adding all kinds of extracurricular activities to the mix. Ballet, swimming, karate, yoga & meditation, public speaking etc.

I'm looking at my kid brother's JSS 1 school fees and swallowing spit at the same time. This boy better be ready to carry first position till he graduates, or else this Lagos will not contain all of us.

Sometimes, I literally pray he never brings any homework for me to solve because it is not me they will embarrass. Me sef sabi book o, but you see these children, their own homework no be ordinary eye. In fact, when push comes to shove, I just challenge him to tell his teachers there's a problem with the question.

It is only God that can judge me.

By the way, who else has dealt or is currently dealing with these advanced children?
-              Damzy.